Curriculum + Community

We are creating a free, modular curriculum for supporting middle school and high school teachers in building active learning environments for their students. Our content is contributed by subject-matter experts and curated by our team of educators, scientists, and artists. Right now we are in the process of putting together our first online textbook, which will comprise of a range of science modules. If you want more information, browse to our about page. If you would like to contribute to our first release, please contact us.

"Education is a social process; education is growth; education is not preparation for life but is life itself."

How To Contribute

We are looking for educators, scientists, makers, and education enthusiasts to support this project by writing unique content for our curriculum! If the idea of a free curriculum, grounded in active learning (and some humane values like sustainability and community), appeals to you, please join us.

Currently we have several curricular modules being writting by different parties that will be put together into our first text release for school use by early spring 2015. Right now, we are primarily writing content that is appropriate for middle school and high school science teachers of varying subjects. All content will be written with the intention it can be taught in a hands-on matter. Please remember, all content being contributed will be distributed free to the public.

If you would like have your content in our first release, please contact us with the following information:
  1. Who are you? (i.e., background? interest in education? experience in education?)
  2. What topic would your module be on?
  3. When would you be able to submit it by?

We are open to just about anything that has a solid educational value, is based in a correct understanding of the subject matter, is active and fun for kids, and understandable to teachers.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or want to contribute:
Please send us an e-mail: modulearner@gmail.com